Taking the Easy Way Out: Muscle Workout With Electrical Impulses

electronic ab beltYou know that feeling you get in your stomach right before you begin your workout routine? It’s like every single cell in your body is protesting, “Don’t do this to me!” This mental barrier is why most people don’t exercise as much or as often as they should, but is actually a perfectly natural reaction to strenuous activity. Human beings are designed to be physically active, but only in the pursuit of accomplishing goals essential to survival – or the occasional pleasure, like playing or engaging in sexy times (as Borat would’ve put it).

While pumping iron to attract a potential mate is a sufficient motivator for some, it’s not how nature programmed us. Our long history of hunting and gathering has imprinted mankind with a set of psychological triggers, which is why many of us struggle so profoundly when it comes to exercising. To the more basic, primitive parts of your brain, it makes absolutely no sense why you should get on that treadmill or set a new personal record in bench press, because what is there to be gained from it? To the brain, all you’re doing is wasting valuable energy and draining yourself both physically and mentally for no reason whatsoever.

Looking at it from a primitive survival standpoint, that’s completely true. Our ancestors had to be very careful of how much energy they expended every day, because they never knew when the next big meal would become available. However, most of us don’t have to physically fight to put food on our table, and we don’t need to conserve our energy reserves in case a hungry predator shows up around the next corner, intent on making us their dinner. Our lives have changed significantly over the last couple of hundred years and our instincts are simply having some issues catching up.

Why not utilize our access to improved technology and incorporate it in our workout, to get past that mental wall of resistance once and for all?

When you perform any kind of motion meant to increase muscle mass, what you’re really doing is putting your muscles under duress through contraction and expansion. You brain is sending electrical impulses to your limbs, telling them to move in a way that breaks down your muscles. Then, when you rest after a workout, your muscles will begin to heal from the ordeal you just put them through, resulting in larger muscles with more capacity for physical activity.

Sending similar impulses straight to your muscles through a machine that runs on electrical current will simulate this motion of contraction and expansion, straining your muscles, all while effectively bypassing your brain. This will both strengthen your physical build and allow your mind to perform other tasks while you exercise.

ab blaster

You’ve probably seen the ads promoting electrical exercise belts, but do they really work? The short answer is yes. This concept is nothing new and has been used by bodybuilders and athletes for decades. One of the most famous promoters of this workout method was Bruce Lee. He used conducive nodes applied to specific muscle groups on his body. An electrical current would then be sent through in repeated pulses, granting the legendary martial artist maximum results within a minimum time frame. A 15 minute session on his upper body would have the same impact as doing 600 pushups.

An electronic bodybuilding device is a way for the less inclined to get into a more fit and healthy lifestyle without having to pay the mental price. You can pick one up at any fitness store for less than $100. The old saying goes: No pain, no gain. But that’s not necessarily true any more. Simply apply the gel, attach the device to whatever body part you feel is in the need of a good workout, hit the button, sit back and let modern technology do all the hard work for you.

fit without effort

Can the Sudden Rise in Cancer Cases Be Linked to a More Stressful Society?

stressed outCancer is on the rise.

Ask anyone and they will tell you of at least one person they know who’s suffered and perhaps even died from a certain type of cancer. We’re living in a stressful world, with our daily lives filled with loads of obligations, worries and problems.

Can the growing numbers of cancer cases be scientifically linked to an increase of stress in our society, i.e. can stress cause cancer? There certainly seems to be a significant correlation. Many cancer patients have testified how their illness was preceded by a series of stressful experiences that they think directly influenced, if not outright caused, the deterioration of their physical health.

Stress is a natural defense mechanism from the time when human beings were not on top of the food chain. Stress hormones are released into our bloodstream in response to something that we think is dangerous, or represents a significant threat. It’s also a mental coping mechanism, allowing us to deal with hurtful events, like the loss of a family member or a close friend. Normally, these stress factors are sudden and unexpected, but they don’t last long. Something threatening or tragic happens and then it’s over – one way or another.

Chronic stressors are different in that they are inherently unnatural for our biological coping mechanisms. Everyone stress in their lives and it has become something of a normality in modern society. But long-term exposure to stress can leave our minds and bodies permanently damaged. This is often the case in patients with mental illness, such as clinical depression and social anxiety.

modern stress factors

There’s a clear link between chronic stress, depression, lack of social presence, and cancer cases. Depressed people tend to isolate themselves from friends and family, while losing hope and in some cases, the will to live. Despair and loneliness are major stress factors associated with cancer development. At the same time, cancer patients in treatment have consistently shown a higher rate of recovery when having access to a close network of social support. Similar results have been found in patients who meditate, or participate in yoga exercises and other methods or relaxation.

As our understanding of the mind-body-soul connection evolves, so does our perception of healthcare and treatments. Studies have now shown that our mental and emotional state is linked to corresponding physical changes in our brains, nervous systems and immune systems. Stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol are actually toxic for our bodies. In nature, it doesn’t matter because they are usually flushed before they can do us any harm. But if you’re living in a constantly stressful world, these hormones can do some serious damage to your mental and physical health. If you stress too much, your immune cells will become compromised and your body’s inflammation levels will rise. A person’s immune system and inflammation are directly linked to their susceptibility for various types of cancer.

New integrative treatments are shifting their focus to include a patient’s mental wellbeing and relaxation to a much greater extent than before. Massage, meditation, yoga, tai-chi and acupuncture are now used as additional methods in treating cancer patients, with often remarkable results. Modern cancer treatments also include group talks and psychotherapy, proving that by lowering our stress levels, we are more likely to survive the illness and less likely to get sick in the first place.

meditative treatment

How to Stay Mentally Fit and Physically Healthy in an Emergency Situation

if disaster strikes

Sometimes, unpleasant things happen no matter what you do. It’s a big world out there with plenty of risks and disasters lurking around the corner. A hurricane might wipe out your entire neighbourhood, or you simply may get lost while wandering about in the woods. Most of us don’t put too much thought into these kind of scenarios, and yet they’re very real possibilities that present actual danger. They can even be potentially fatal if you don’t possess the right skillset and knowledge.

Here are a couple of things you should keep in mind if catastrophe does occur.

basic life raft

Your first priority should be taking care of your immediate necessities – your primary needs. This generally goes into four categories: shelter, fire, water and food.

Humans are remarkably resilient, but without these basics covered, you most likely won’t survive more than a couple of days at best. You can go without water for up to three days and your body can live off its fat and muscle reserves for more than three weeks. But all of this means nothing if you end up succumbing to hypothermia during your first night in survival mode.

winter shelter

Shelter should be your absolute first priority. A proper shelter will insulate you from the cold and protect you from rain. Anything that can be used in this manner should be taken into consideration, whether it’s a plastic blanket or a bunch of leaves off a tree. After shelter, fire should be next on your list, because it will provide additional heat, a means to process water and food, and also allow you to signal for rescue. If you don’t have a lighter or a flint striker on your person, you can use a primitive friction method or the rays of the sun to spark your tinder. Always pace yourself, as any kind of physical activity will begin to dehydrate you. Death by thirst is one of the most painful ways to go, and it only takes a loss of a few percent of body liquid for the process to start affecting you, physically and mentally. With fire, you can make water safe to drink. Boiling your water supply for a couple of minutes will kill any nasty bacteria and parasites. The last thing you want is getting dysenteri in a survival situation, because it will incapacitate you and also dehydrate you even further. Once these three needs are covered, only then should you start looking for food. What you need is fat, protein and sugar, which means meat and plants. Scavenge and hunt whenever you have the time, as it’s important to stay ahead in the game. The longer you wait, the weaker you’ll become and the harder it’ll be to perform these basic tasks.

survival knife

While it’s vital to see to your physical needs, it’s equally important to look after your mental health. Don’t let stress, anxiety and depression get the better of you. Always stay proactive, working to improve your odds of survival. Keeping yourself occupied will give you a purpose to constantly pursue, pushing aside fear and doubt. Rest as much as you can, when you’re not completing your survival chores, and always make sure you get at least a few hours of sleep each night. Staying awake for more than a few days in a row is murder in every sense of the word.

Keep yourself sheltered, hydrated and fed, remain calm and collected, work to improve your chances to survive another day. The more you know, the less you need. Strive to get rescued, but don’t count on it.

In the end, it comes down to you to make the correct choices for you to stay alive.

The Uncomfortable Truth of the Mental Health Industry


Clinical depression or MDD (Major Depressive Disorder) is the most common mental illness with an estimate of 1 billion people suffering from various degrees of this disorder. The World Health Organization puts MDD as the second most debilitating illness in the world after heart disease. Medical studies show a tenfold global increase in the last decades.

Despite this fact, MDD is still not considered to be that a serious problem in the eyes of the public. It’s often viewed as mental fatigue or a mere case of the blues – something that passes with time. Unfortunately, that’s not the case for millions of patients who sometimes spend their whole lives battling their condition, with even more people going completely untreated, partly due to the deep-rooted stigma that accompanies MDD.

While we’ve come a long way in treating physical sickness and issues, our mental health is still a largely undiscovered area. The science of psychology is a medical newcomer and is to this day questioned and poked by its peers. One reason is the money that’s involved in this field. Medical companies make billions upon billions every year on patented antidepressants. These medications are prescribed by physicians who are told by their superiors to hand out these pills to their patients in return for clinical funding.

It’s widely known that medications are only good for treating some of the symptoms. They are not a cure, but merely a means to ease some of the mental and physical pain and issues. The cure comes through psychotherapy treatment and implemented lifestyle changes.

But if everyone accepted this as fact, you wouldn’t have a billion dollar industry of pills and tranquilizers, and the health care providers are well aware of this. The result is a vicious circle of an increasing number of sick people, with doctors and psychiatrists throwing pills at them, that often do nothing at all and in some cases can even worsen the illness, which in turn creates more sick people. MDD costs our society billions each year, with thousands of lives being lost in the process.

The only ones who benefit from this downward spiral are the health care providers that reap massive profit on their patients and their suffering. As long as their quarters are met, they don’t really care about the effectiveness of their drugs. The more sick people, the more they get to sell.

It is high time to expose this sham for what it really is and strive for a better, more conscious safety net of mental health care.

Before it’s all too late…

current standards of mental health care

The Dangers of Sugar Exposed: Too Much of a Good Thing Equals Disaster

candyYou hear a lot of talks in all the popular health magazines concerning the dangers of consuming too much fat. It’s all true – you should be careful not only how much of it you consume, but also what kind of fat it is. The human body processes different kinds in different ways, so you need to watch the type as well as the amount.

Same goes for sugar.

Sugar is actually a bigger bandit than fat when it comes to losing weight, simply because it transforms into fat once it enters your system.

There’s so much fast food available today that it’s very hard to keep a balanced diet. You do your best to eat healthy, staying clear of delicious grease and fatty foods, but somehow you can’t lose those pesky pounds. What’s going on? A good guess is you’re still consuming way too many carbs – sugar. Yep, that’s right, carbohydrates equal sugar in its most basic form – glucose. You can’t live without it, which is why you get that sweet tooth every once in a while. This is your body telling you that your “fast” energy reserves are running low and that it’s time to refuel. But when you consume too much of it, all that excess energy will be stored in your body as fat.

Next time you have a bite to eat, or something to drink, take a look at the description label. Most likely you’ll find that it contains fructose – corn syrup, fruit juice or agave sugar.

blackberry smoothie

Like most types of sugar, fructose isn’t bad in itself. All fruits contain fructose, and a moderate intake is good for your health. But when you begin stuffing your face with it, because everything you put in you is packed with cheap sugar (more complex variants such as saccharide sucrose), that’s when the problems start and those pounds start stacking up. Studies have shown that fructose not only trigger more weight gain and obesity than any other commercial nutrient, but that it’s also highly addictive. The more you consume, the more you crave it – just like a junkie. It’s because fructose doesn’t stimulate your insulin levels, which is responsible for suppressing all those hormones that tell your body to eat more. Also, when you digest fructose, you tax your body many times over – especially your liver. Eat too much and it can create toxic remnants in your internal organs.

The average adult currently consumes approximately half a pound of sugar every day, with the Americans in a huge lead. Estimates put adult Americans consuming more than 2 tons of sugar in their lifetime, which is exactly why three quarters of their population is deemed overweight according to international health standards.

All due to an excessive intake of sugar, as fructose is considered to be the most common source of calories in the world. High fructose corn syrup is the number one component in most of our food and drink.

sweet pancakes

Think about it, you can find it in everything; bread, pops, juice, energy drinks, soups and dressings, and it doesn’t do you or your body any favours in the long run.

A simple, basic awareness of how much fructose you eat per day will drastically improve your health and physique – all you need to do is exercise a little moderation and caution.


The Importance of Maintaining a Regular Dietary Schedule

waistlineIn the hectic pace of modern life it’s easy to forget about the importance of meals. Most of you’ve probably heard the old saying: five meals a day… but how many people have the time to keep this regular schedule when there’s always something that has to be done? Deadlines, traffic jams, daily tasks and everything else that a normal person has to endure on average can be very taxing.

When we don’t give ourselves time to sit down and have a real meal, the substitute often comes in the form of junk food and sweets – not a good combination for your mind or body.

What do your daily meals look like, and what do they consist of? Let me guess; you (hopefully) eat something in the morning before work, throw something down on your lunch break, and occasionally have a real dinner when you come home in the evening. This is not a healthy way to treat yourself nutritionally, neither in the how or what.

greens and veggies

Your metabolism is like a mini furnace in your body, using your energy intake and reserves as fuel. Everyone knows you need to feed the body in order to stay healthy and that what you choose to feed it also matters. But did you know that the timing is almost as important? If you only have three meals a day, you’re basically telling your body to go into sleep mode between energy intakes. This is a natural function put in place to prevent starvation. If you don’t eat regularly, your body will slow its metabolism to a crawl to conserve energy. It’s a great way if you’re in a survival emergency, but on a daily basis? Not so much.

A far better solution is to keep your metabolism burning on a consistent level by feeding it 5-6 times a day with smaller meals. There are numerous benefits of a regulated dietary intake, because you’re not only maintaining your energy input/outtake, but you’re also removing any unnecessary feelings of hunger that usually sets in when eating irregularly.

A person with a normal metabolism can use this method to lose weight while still eating as much as wanted (within limits, of course). Recommended choices are food that is high in protein, but with lower levels of carbs and fats. You should also consider eating the biggest meal at breakfast and then gradually lessen the size of each meal, as your metabolism slows down as night approaches.

By setting up a regular diet consisting of smaller amounts, you can still eat practically anything you want while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


Dance Yourself in Shape – Physically and Mentally

dancerI have yet to meet a fun person who detest dancing. Sure, some might claim to not be that into it, and quite a few will admit not being very good at it (no matter what copious amounts of wine tell them), but no fun-loving person would openly say that they hate it. There’s a good reason for it, too.

You can’t dispute the physical benefits of shaking that tush on a regular basis. It elevates your metabolism, increases your cardio and depending on your preferred style it also adds strength and posture to your physical portfolio. Whether you choose to dance with a partner in a flurry of elaborate lifts and swings, or if you just dance it out in your lonesome with only your mirror as company, dancing is great physical exercise.

But did you know that it’s also good for your mind?

The human brain is a remarkable piece of wonder. Neurological scientists are still trying to figure out how it actually works and in what ways our minds influence our bodies.

You can look at your brain as a big city, with a vast number of inhabitants, buildings and roads. Each part has its own, unique purpose and partly operates as an independent agent. But everything is also connected and working together for a greater purpose to the benefit of all.

Just like a living city, the brain is always in flux, always changing in one way or another. Your mind is the software, while the physical brain is the hardware. Just as your thoughts have a direct impact on your brain’s neurons, so does the structure influence your mental capabilities. It’s a never-ending process that doesn’t end until your life does, and your mental habits will ultimately decide how your body works and where your choices in life take you.

Dancing brings the best of both worlds together, because you’re activating and exercising both your mind and body simultaneously. The music, the movement and the processing of steps and moves expand your emotional and cognitive spectrum, enhances your coordination and muscle memory, kick start your brain’s creative areas, and light up your mood sensors.

Dancers are not only more physically fit than people who don’t exercise, but are also proven to show greater mental skills than those who just visit the gym to lift weights or run on a track. New scanning technology shows how a dancer’s brain uses more mind capacity, with an increased awareness and conciousness.

So the next time you decide to hit the dance floor with your friends, know that you’re not only going to have a good time, but you’re also exercising your mind, body and ultimately your soul.

Buy Gold Bars and Invest in a Luxurious Skin Treatment

gold leaf treatmentGold is a precious metal that has traditionally been valued based on its inherent qualities and attractive luster, making it a perfect choice to be used in the makings of ornaments and jewelry. A lesser known property is its healing powers. Civilizations throughout the ages, considered very advanced for their time, have used gold bars and nuggets to heal physical illness, mental health issues and to gain spiritual enlightenment.

The famous Egyptian queen Cleopatra, known for her exceptional beauty, is rumoured to have been coating her entire body in gold leaflets made from melted gold bars to enhance her complexion. The Roman physicians often used a variety of gold-based concoctions to treat everything from simple skin rashes to the deadly plague. Older Asian cultures commonly believed gold bars to be the key to longevity and youthful appearance, a fact that’s still held in high regard by many of today’s practising health professionals.

Gold bars are apparently more than just a profitable investment, and finding gold bars for sale opens up a whole new door to mental and physical wellbeing.

The medicinal use of gold-based, anti-inflammatory salts and ointments is called chrysotherapy, and while buying gold bars as the main base for medical treatments are most frequently used in the cosmetic industry, it’s also become common practice to use purchased gold bars among plenty of New Age clinics and general hospitals.

Gold is said to increase the body’s ability to take in oxygen, helping the skin’s cells to rejuvenate at a quicker pace and ease inflammation in joints and muscles. Recent medical studies have proved gold bars to be beneficial in treating immune-related ailments and inflammatory issues. The secret lies in the metal’s ability to reduce the growth of certain enzymes that are involved in developing the symptoms of these illnesses. Many physicians also report a greater success rate in using gold bars when treating their patients for bacterial infections.

Many of the world’s leading luxury spas offer their customers treatments where pure 24-carat gold bars are directly applied to the skin in leaf form. This is done to hydrate and moisturize, resulting in firmer skin with a healthy shine and radiance, while at the same time removing any lines and wrinkles. The developers of this golden treatment claim that gold bars help the body to retain its collagen levels, while stopping the decay process of elastin, a naturally occurring chemical that is responsible for the life span of human skin cells. The results from using purchased gold bars are undeniably effective, and people all over the world regularly visit their local beauty salons and spas to extend their youthful years with an exclusive gold bar infusion.

It’s not a cheap habit though, as gold bar treatments often cost several thousand dollars per visit. But clients are more than happy to pay the price for these results, firmly believing that gold bars really do have beneficial properties for skin treatment and general health issues. Some of the more luxurious facilities even offer their customers to choose their own gold bars from a handpicked selection, or the opportunity to find their own gold bars for sale and have them delivered to their aesthetician. If you’re particularly choosy, you are more than welcome to order your own gold bars for sale, have them shipped to your front door, and bring your gold supply to the clinic to be processed for a gold-based therapy session. High quality gold bars for sale at competitive pricing (at least 99% pure gold) will maximize your treatment’s effectiveness, ensuring that your body receives the very best material from a carefully chosen selection of gold bars for sale. It has become a multi-million dollar business, with both clinics and customers investing heavily in physical gold bars to be used for more than just a financial insurance policy.

gold beauty treatment

Chrysotherapy is not only used for healthier skin, as it’s also reported to speed up the healing of sores and ulcers. The molecular properties of gold bars work together with your body’s built-in regeneration factories, increasing the rate of physical recovery.

You can use salts made from gold bars to alleviate the symptoms of arthritis as well, but you should exercise caution when combining different gold-based treatments. Some people have allergic reactions to an excessive use of medicinal gold bars, developing further dermatological problems instead of curing existing ones. These sort of complications involving an adverse reaction to the exposure to gold bars are rare but they do happen, usually when gold is applied directly to the skin in its purest form. Sometimes the allergy becomes apparent immediately, while in other cases it can take patients and clients several years to display any gold-related health problems.

In the end, golden face and body masks are very popular and expensive gold bar treatments are seeing a boom in the cosmetic and medical fields, with proven results for thousands of clients. If you have some extra funds to spend on gold bars for sale, why not consider a visit to one of the available spas for the best investment in golden skincare money can buy?